Cat Seen Carrying Tiny Kittens on Top of a House, Through Kindness Their Future Takes a Wonderful Turn -


Cat Seen Carrying Tiny Kittens on Top of a House, Through Kindness Their Future Takes a Wonderful Turn

A cat was seen carrying tiny kittens on top of a house. Through an act of kindness, their future took a wonderful turn.

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Martha and MagnusAnne

Last month, a resident noticed a stray cat walking across a flat rooftop, carrying two newborn kittens. An animal rescuer, Karina, received a call for help. When she arrived, the cat had hidden away her kittens.

“She had hidden between a wall and a garden shed, cramped in a tiny nook,” Anne, a foster volunteer, shared with Love Meow. Karina didn’t spot the kittens until she heard a squeak coming from beneath her.

She safely captured the mother cat using a humane trap and gently scooped up the two kittens, ensuring they would never have to spend another day outside.

cat hiding home

Mathilda was very anxious when she first arrived in her foster home with AnneAnne

The feline family was with Karina for the first two weeks, then moved to Anne’s foster home for continued care and socialization.

Anxious and withdrawn, Mathilda, the mother cat, kept her distance from her kittens upon arrival. Anne set up a cozy nursery with plenty of food, allowing the cat mom to decompress. Within a few hours, Mathilda began to relax, and her maternal instincts kicked in. She rejoined her kittens and resumed her motherly duties.

cat nursing kittens

After a few hours of decompressing, she rejoined her kittensAnne

“She was very protective and wouldn’t let me near her kittens without hissing, but she was never aggressive.”

The tabby boy, Magnus, was smaller than his sister, Martha, who looked like a miniature house panther. Anne was ready to start bottle-feeding to help with his weight but felt immense relief when he made gains the following day.

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Magnus is the smaller of the two kittensAnne

Anne had prepared several comfy nesting options to accommodate Mathilda, but the mother cat chose the most precarious location for her kittens. She moved them from a large box to a high perch in the cat tree overnight.

“When I blocked it with blankets, she was so determined that she stuffed Martha under them. So, out went the big cat tree.”

cat tree tabby cat


After numerous trips moving the kittens, Mathilda finally settled on the couch. “It wasn’t my first choice, but compromises were made. I wanted the kittens safely on the ground, but Mathilda wanted them up high.”

The kittens nestled securely on the couch, with a pile of pillows and blankets on the floor to provide a soft landing just in case.

cat nursing kittens

Mathilda eventually settled on the couch with her kittensAnne

It took about five days for Mathilda to start trusting when she realized her foster mom was there to help. Encouraged by treats, she mustered the courage to sample the tasty goodness from Anne.

As they bonded over snack time, Mathilda’s walls began to crumble, and she started to embrace the comforts of indoor life. She rubbed her face against her foster mom’s hand, savoring the moment.

cat tasting treats

She warmed up to her foster momAnne

“Now, she snuggles up against me while nursing her little ones. She loves affection and is much more relaxed,” Anne shared.

“She truly is a gentle soul, and her stern looks can be a bit deceiving. She takes good care of her kittens but isn’t a helicopter mom. If they’re asleep, she just chills on her own or comes for cuddles.”

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She grew to enjoy snugglesAnne

As the kittens grow bigger and stronger, their curiosity about the world around them soars.

“Magnus is slowly discovering there’s more to life than just sleeping and nursing. Little Martha is completely in awe of her surroundings.”

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The kittens are getting more active and curiousAnne

At three weeks old, the kittens have already developed big attitudes, acting as if they were twice their size. They fearlessly attempt to climb their foster mom, treating her like their own personal cat tree.

“It is still a bit difficult for them to do at this age, but it looks like they’ll have very outgoing personalities.”

curious kittens cute


Mathilda is grateful to never have to endure another day on the streets. With the support of the rescuer and volunteers, this charming feline family is on the path to a future filled with love and pampering.

sweet cat kittens snuggles


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