Kitten Catches Up to Her Littermates with Her Fierce Will Despite All the Challenges -


Kitten Catches Up to Her Littermates with Her Fierce Will Despite All the Challenges

A kitten caught up to her littermates with her fierce will despite all the challenges.

kittens siblings

Ruby the tiny kitten and her brother JasperBaby Kitten Rescue

Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles), received a plea to help a litter of eight kittens that had been brought into a local shelter. They were in rough shape, battling a host of health issues.

“When I opened the cardboard carrier with them in it from the shelter, I was shocked at what I saw,” Caroline shared with Love Meow. “They were all lying on their side motionless, and two kittens (Ruby and Emmy) were gasping for air.”

Caroline immediately started critical care for the litter, and placed the kittens in an incubator so their body temperatures could be stabilized.

purrito kitten

She was rescued along with her 7 siblings, and the runt of the litterBaby Kitten Rescue

To combat hypoglycemia, she provided fluid therapy and glucose supplementation. All eight of them came with Calicivirus (which causes upper respiratory illnesses and ulcers around the mouth) and other infections. Among them, Ruby, the tiniest kitty, was in the worst shape.

At two weeks old, she was only the size of a newborn. With trouble breathing and sores around her mouth, she had an uphill battle and needed to be tube-fed around the clock.

cuddly kitten

She was so glad to have a foster mom to help her healBaby Kitten Rescue

While most of her siblings improved after a week of intensive care and medication, Ruby had a longer road to full recovery. Despite all the challenges, the palm-sized wonder was always in good spirits, and determined to catch up in size and strength.

“Even though she was tiny, frail and sick, it was clear Ruby had a fierce will to live,” Caroline told Love Meow. “She began latching and eating on her own, and her sores (on her mouth and paw) were slowly starting to heal.”

tiny incubator kittens

Curious little RubyBaby Kitten Rescue

As Ruby continued to put on weight, her personality began to come out.

“I would hold her after feeding her and dressing her wounds, and she would just purr and make biscuits, even with her wrapped paw.”

kitten on scale

Ruby started to put on weight and gain strengthBaby Kitten Rescue

While all the other kittens graduated into a playpen, Ruby and her sister Emmy, the smallest two, continued their healing process in the incubator with plenty of support from their loving foster family.

“Ruby didn’t complain about all the treatments and extra care I had to give her. She purred after every feeding and made biscuits (on her blankets).”

kittens sister brother

Ruby and her brother PerryBaby Kitten Rescue

A week later, they joined their siblings in the playpen, and Ruby wasted no time to explore around her new digs, and play with every toy she could scour.

“She developed a confident and brave personality.”

cute kitten

Ruby has blossomed into a happy, playful, healthy kittenBaby Kitten Rescue

“It was clear that Ruby and Emmy had formed a special bond. They did everything together,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

“Emmy blossomed into the sassier, more playful sister, and Ruby continued to blossom into a snuggle baby.”

tabby kitten cute

Emmy is Ruby’s best friendBaby Kitten Rescue

Knowing how much the two sisters needed each other, the rescue began to look for a good home that would adopt them as a pair.

“They had a meet-and-greet with a wonderful woman, Kathy, who fell in love with them both. All the kittens are pre-adopted now and will be going to their forever homes soon.”

bonded kittens

They share an inseparable bondBaby Kitten Rescue

“It has been nothing short of miraculous, witnessing the strength, resilience, and tenderness of Ruby and her siblings,” Caroline told Love Meow.

“This has been one of the hardest but most rewarding rescue cases I’ve had. It’s been so special to be a part of their journey.”

sweet cute kitten

Baby Kitten Rescue

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