9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make -


9 Dangerous Glass Stovetop Habits You Should Never Make

Though they are stylish and simple to maintain, glass stovetops must be handled carefully to prevent damage. Here are nine risky behaviors to stay away from:

Applying Abrasive or Rough Cleaners
“Avoid using abrasive or rough cleaners as they can cause surface scratches.” Apply a mild cleaning made specifically for glass stovetops.
Setting Up Bulky Pots and Pans
Heavy cookware can cause glass stovetops to crack. “Use lightweight pots and pans” to shield surfaces from harm.
Pots and Pans that Slid
Cookware dragging may cause scratches on glass. Pots and pans should never be slid; always elevate them.
Leaving Traces and Leaks
“Clean spills promptly” to prevent damage and baked-on stains.
Using Unclean Cookware to Cook
Stovetop residue from unclean cookware might be harmful. Make sure your cookware is spotless.
Putting Hot Lids Down, Face Up
Hot lids have the potential to break glass and produce abrupt temperature fluctuations. Pick a surface that can withstand heat.
Disregarding Chips or Cracks
“Don’t ignore chips or cracks,” as they may enlarge and break the stovetop. Look for repairs right away.
Warming Up a Vacant Pot or Pan
Cooktop damage can result from overheating empty cookware. Keep food or liquids in your pots at all times.
Not adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations
Observe detailed maintenance guidelines to prevent damage and safety risks.

Take care of your glass stovetop by avoiding these habits.

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