Jennifer Lopez ‘hell-bent’ on exacting revenge on Ben Affleck, claims insider -


Jennifer Lopez ‘hell-bent’ on exacting revenge on Ben Affleck, claims insider

Heartbreaking new rumor about Jennifer Lopez’s plan for Ben Affleck revenge is hard to take. This is harsh! Check Comments.

The rumors surrounding the separation of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are spreading like wildfire. Their potential divorce has been making headlines for the last couple of months, and fans can’t help but wonder if Bennifer will become a thing of the past.

The couple broke off their engagement back in 2004 before deciding to revive their romance years later. “We don’t want to get dragged into quicksand. Everybody wants a war. It’s not happening from our side,” Affleck’s representative said at the time.

Neither Lopez nor Affleck have confirmed or denied any of the rumors, but according to reports, they no longer share a home. However, they have been seen together during numerous occasions, especially those related to their children whom they both support.


The couple don’t share children together, but they both embraced their mixed family consisting of Afflek’s kids Violet, 18, Fin (formerly Seraphina), 15, and Samuel, 12 whom he shares with ex Jennifer Garner, and Lopez’s twins Max and Emme, whom she had with singer Marc Anthony.

In May, the couple had a low-key reunion to attend Fin’s school play, and afterward, Lopez was there to support Samuel at his graduation. On Father’s Day, the Jenny from the Block singer took to Instagram to celebrate her husband with a loving post.

Alongside a black and white photo of him sitting in a pilot seat at the filming of Pearl Harbor, 2001, the singer posted, “Our Hero. Happy Father’s Day.” 

Despite this, the media and the likes of TMZ believe the split between Lopez and Affleck is “imminent.”

Daily Mail on the other hand writes that Lopez is going to great lengths to save her marriage.

“She wants this marriage to work so much that she is willing to make any sacrifice including giving up being J.Lo. She doesn’t want to be divorced,” a source said.

However, in the event that she cannot reignite the spark with the Gone Girl star, she’ll be prepared to dominate the market of single women.

According to another source, Lopez is “hell-bent on exacting revenge” and “going turbo on the fitness and beauty regime.”

Lopez is known for her strict diets and exercise routines, but when it comes to Affleck, she eats junk food, which he really loves, with him.

“She ate junk food with him just to show she could be the gal he wanted,” the source said. “Ben always criticized her for her over-the-top workout routine, so she slowed down on that too and ended up really resenting him for it.

“So, now she’s up every morning doing lunges and squats, sweating her butt off at the gym. She’s going to use this summer to get in the best shape of her life with a hyper diet of lean protein and salads and no junk whatsoever.”

The source added that Lopez is even considering cosmetic procedures. “The idea of being back on the dating scene at her age has got her pretty freaked out. There’s so much that docs can do these days, so why not get some help? She wants to look better than ever so Ben sees what he’s missing.”

As of Affleck, many, among which aesthetic and regenerative specialist Dr. Robert Dorfman, say he looks stressed. “He looks gaunt and has visibly aged. He’s going through a rough time right now and looks very stressed.” Dorfman, who has never treated the Justice League star continued, “I think we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Ben Affleck kind of let himself go.”

He says the actor needs to “get back into his normal routine.”

What future holds for Lopez and Affleck seems to be uncertain at this point. We hope they would be able to set their differences aside.

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