My future-wife’s bridesmaid sent me this picture of my wife and I cancelled the wedding -


My future-wife’s bridesmaid sent me this picture of my wife and I cancelled the wedding

Jake and his soon-to-be wife, Lily, were looking forward to their big day. However, as their wedding day approached, a mix of excitement and nerves filled their hearts. Just the thought of their life together made them the happiest couple on Earth. Sharing this special day when they finally say “I do” to one another with their loved ones only made the dose of excitement grow bigger.

However, without him being aware of it, a malicious scheme orchestrated by Lily’s best friend and bridesmaid, Megan, was unfolding behind Jack’s back. Apparently, Meghan had feelings for Jake and she couldn’t stand the fact of him and Lily being happy together. Consumed by jealousy, she tried to disrupt their union by doing something she believed would bring them bad luck.


A week prior to the wedding, Megan devised a plan to overshadow their special day by deliberately sending Jake a photo of Lily in her wedding dress, aiming to sow seeds of superstition. This photo served as a message of impending bad luck if they decided to proceed with the marriage. Jake was stunned and disturbed by the unexpected image, he was aware that Meghan had ill intentions, but since she was Lily;s best friend since childhood, he couldn’t tell Lily anything.

Burdened by the sense of impending catastrophe, Jake made the agonizing choice to call off the wedding, fearing the potential fallout of defying the superstition Megan had implanted. Lily, utterly devastated, struggled to grasp why Jake would abruptly cancel their plans.

Months passed, and the once inseparable trio of Lily, Jake, and Megan drifted apart, their relationship crumbling under the weight of mistrust and hurt.


However, over time, Jake and Lily got close again. The two decided to give their relationship another try and focus on healing from the emotional wreckage the cancellation of their wedding brought. Over a year later, the two emerged even stronger and more in love than ever.

This time, they opted for a more intimate wedding ceremony that included only their families and a couple of closest friends, free from the burdens of superstition and manipulative influences.


Meghan was not part of that wedding ceremony because she was no longer part of their lives. Instead, Jake and Lily decided to surround themselves with those who genuinely wished them well.

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