Woman defends decision to tattoo boyfriend’s name on forehead, says it’s an expression of love -


Woman defends decision to tattoo boyfriend’s name on forehead, says it’s an expression of love

In defense of her facial art, a lady who got her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead says that anyone who doesn’t follow suit isn’t truly in love.

Online commenters have called Ana Stanskovsky’s perpetual love letter to Kevin “stupid” and predict that her “next boyfriend will hate it,” despite her insistence that it is a statement of love.

Polish-born Ana Stanskovsky posted a picture of her newly changed visage on TikTok, shocking her 588,000 fans.

Stanskovsky is shown seated in a chair getting work done on her forehead in a widely shared TikTok video.

With 18.3 million views since it was first published on November 6, the “my new face tattoo” video features Stanskovsky getting her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead in bold black cursive letters.

The video closes in on Stanskovsky squinting in agony as the artist inks over the stencil that says “Kevin” forever.

When the painting is finished, she gets up to look in the mirror at her dramatic displays of affection.

“Finished? Alright, let’s investigate. God, I really adore it. Kevin is going to adore it, she remarks.

“Do you think he will like it?” she asked her followers as she concluded the video.

One netizen joked in response to her query, saying, “He’ll love it! But your next boyfriend won’t like it. “I don’t know who Kevin is, but run wherever you are,” another person comments.

People are cautioning her of future regrets as soon as the footage reaches the bewildered social media world.

This was a wise choice. One fan comments, “I don’t see how you could ever regret this.”

Stanskovsky responded to the voluminous expressions of remorse by releasing another clip in which she declared she would never regret getting the Kevin tattoo.

Stanskvosky responds, “I just want to say this is how I’m expressing my feelings so if I love someone, I’m doing this. I know many of you said I’m gonna regret that and what if we break up and all of this horrible stuff.” “I’m loving it, and I’m definitely never going to regret that,” she says. How am I going to regret this? It’s lovely.

One online user remarks, “A handwritten note is a precious way to express your feelings.”

Many of her admirers still don’t think she’s sincere when she declares her love, and she must be joking.

Hold on. Was that not a joke? “I was waiting for them to say it’s just a prank but they never did,” writes one person as another writes.

The influencer goes on to inform the audience that she is “in love” every time she looks in the mirror.

She declared, “I’m in love with my boyfriend and I’m in love with the tattoo.” “I believe that in order to truly show someone you love them, you have to provide evidence of your feelings.I believe that your girlfriend doesn’t love you, thus you should find yourself a new girlfriend if she doesn’t want to get your name tattooed on her face.

Many expressed shock at her remark and urged her to rethink her displays of affection.

“‘She doesn’t love you if [your] girlfriend doesn’t want your name on her forehead,’” A netizen quotes her in a post. Next, the user gives Kevin advice, saying, “dump her ASAP.”

A netizen queries, “And if he breaks up with you what then?” considering the unpredictability of relationships.Stanskovsky responds, “What if we don’t work out? All I have to do is locate another Kevin for myself.However, someone else thinks of a better solution: “It would be better if you wrote that I am stupid.”As of right now, Kevin has not responded.How do you feel about the woman who is getting her boyfriend’s name permanently inked on her forehead?There are plenty more elegant ways to show your love, but if you must make a big show, how about getting a tiny tattoo somewhere it’s less noticeable?

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