Cat Found in Basement with 4 Kittens in a Laundry Basket By Person Cleaning a Vacant Home -


Cat Found in Basement with 4 Kittens in a Laundry Basket By Person Cleaning a Vacant Home

A cat was found in a basement with four kittens in a laundry basket by a person cleaning a vacant home.

cat nursing kittens

Goldie the cat mom and her babiesLori White

Lori White, a volunteer of Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO), an animal rescue in Indiana, was contacted about a feline family of five (a mother and her four kittens) found inside a vacant home.

When a Good Samaritan who had been hired to clean the property, walked into the basement, she couldn’t believe what she saw. “She found a cat and her babies in a laundry basket with no food or water to be found in the house,” Lori shared with Love Meow.

“The house was locked with a lockbox so I don’t know how long they were left there.”

orange cat

She was found in a laundry basket with her four kittens in the basement of a vacant homeLori White

Knowing that the cat needed help and a safe place to raise her litter, the finder sprang into action. “She scooped them up and took them home to feed the mom and work on finding a rescue to take them.”

The tabby cat was very thin and hungry, but so elated to have food and a clean nest at last. She scarfed down all that she could fit into her belly, and checked out her temporary nestling area before lying down to feed her demanding four.

cat mom kittens

Goldie is a wonderful mom to her demanding kittensLori White

Her kittens were all in good shape, clean and healthy, showing that their mom had been taking great care of them. The finder reached out to her local shelter, and ARPO stepped up to their rescue.

“She dropped them off to me and I was thankful she took the time to help them and took action to get them safe,” Lori told Love Meow.

orange kitten

Lori White

The tabby cat was very friendly upon arrival. After doing a bit of exploring around her new digs, she called to her kittens for snack time. Soon, the room was filled with a symphony of purrs and suckling sounds.

Watch the sweet feline family in this cute video:

Lori was surprised to discover that all four kittens are orange tabby girls, and decided to name them Rose, Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, and Goldie (mama) after the Golden Girls.

“It’s pretty rare for a ginger to be female (about 20%) so having four ginger girls is super special! I couldn’t resist going with the Golden Girls theme—Momma Goldie Girl and her Golden Girls.”

orange lap kitten

Lori White

Mama Goldie doesn’t have a microchip and no one has come to claim her, but the family of five are now thriving and will never have to worry about where their next meal comes from.

The quadruplets are an active, rambunctious bunch and constantly on the lookout for trouble. Dorothy is always one of the first to come up to her humans and ask for snuggles.

lap kitten orange

Lori White

They are playful and inquisitive about everything around them, and keep their mom on her toes with their propensity for mischief.

Goldie is a wonderful mother and patiently caters to their every need.

orange cat kittens

Lori White

The kittens are about five weeks old but still insist on nursing on their mom whenever they can. “Goldie keeps them super clean and they all have the cutest round bellies.”

The sweet momma is so pleased to have a comfortable home and people to help care for her precious four.

cat nursing kittens

Lori White

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