Woman heavily ridiculed online for adopting her husband’s ex-wife’s baby. -


Woman heavily ridiculed online for adopting her husband’s ex-wife’s baby.

A loving husband and wife team, Christie and Wesley Werts began dating five years ago and were joined in marriage to create a blended family.

The children of Wesley, Austin and Dakota, and Christie’s daughter, Megan, made up a beautiful family.

However, they had no idea that their love story would take a surprising turn and that they would meet Levi, a miraculous baby, through adoption.

Throughout Levi’s adoption procedure, the couple’s perseverance and determination were apparent. The Werts family was eager to bring their newborn baby home after a 16-month wait for the adoption procedure to conclude.

But Christie and her family’s adoption story takes a heartwarming turn that makes Levi’s adoption story seem like a dream come true. August 2021 saw the birth of Levi in Texas, and his biological mother—a former girlfriend of Wesley’s—struggled with drug abuse during her pregnancy. Sadly, Newsweek reports that she passed just four days following Levi’s premature delivery at 33 weeks as a result of addiction and coronavirus complications.

After receiving terrible news about Wesley’s ex-wife from his sister, the pair became aware of Levi. Christie, who had experienced foster care firsthand, was committed to giving Levi a safe and nurturing environment.

More startling even, Christie had nightmares about a blonde child with blue eyes for three months straight before she met Levi. Her decision to adopt Levi was greatly influenced by this dream once she found out about his existence.

Through Child Protection Services, the Werts family traveled from Ohio to Texas to meet Levi, and their first meeting was exactly as Christie’s dream. “I fell in love with this blue-eyed, blond baby the moment I walked in.” It appeared really strange. “This was my son,” the woman said.

Although adopting a child can be challenging at times, especially for a baby, the Werts family faced more difficulties. They were had to go through a legal process that included the termination of Levi’s biological father’s parental rights after selling their Ohio home and relocating to Texas for court appearances.

Following sixteen months of home visits, interviews, and court dates, Levi’s adoption was approved, allowing the parents to finally bring their little boy home.

Christie faced criticism from some online users who questioned her decision to disclose the story publicly, even if it had a happy ending.

“It’s going to cause him a lot of depression and more when he grows up, poor baby,” a witness remarked.

Another person remarked, “There are some things you don’t share on social media, and this is one of them?”

Others wished the newlyweds and their family a very happy life and expressed their satisfaction.

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