The Superstar’s 3-Year-Old Son Dies After Tragic River Accident -


The Superstar’s 3-Year-Old Son Dies After Tragic River Accident

Spencer Wright, a famous rodeo champion, is facing a heartbreaking tragedy. His three-year-old son, Levi, was declared brain dead after a terrible accident involving a river in Beaver County, Utah.

Levi was playing on a toy tractor when he accidentally fell into the fast-moving river. His mother, who was nearby, immediately jumped into the water to search for him and managed to pull him out.

Emergency responders quickly arrived and worked to revive Levi. They were able to restore his heartbeat, but sadly, Levi never regained consciousness. Despite their efforts, doctors declared him brain dead, indicating that his brain was no longer functioning and he would not recover.

Mindy Sue Clark, the family’s spokesperson, explained that although Levi’s heart was still beating, he showed no signs of recovery. At Salt Lake City Hospital, Levi’s mother held him tightly in her arms, and heartbreaking pictures captured this emotional moment.

The Wright family released a statement expressing their profound sorrow. They shared that they spent the night cuddling Levi and felt strongly that his spirit was no longer with them.

They mentioned that they would soon stop medical care and hold him close until his final breath. They expressed their eternal love for their son, calling him “my baby, my beans.”

Spencer Wright is deeply mourning the loss of his son, Levi. This tragedy has deeply affected the family, and they are struggling with immense grief as they come to terms with this devastating loss.

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