Single mom moves into tiny house village with her daughter to live simply -


Single mom moves into tiny house village with her daughter to live simply

You might be surprised to learn that, in contrast to #vanlife, the majority of tiny house owners are women!Why are women drawn to little homes?Though this is just my view, I believe that Tiny Houses’ appeal stems from the fact that, in contrast to other low-cost housing solutions, they are incredibly adorable and adaptable—two qualities that appeal greatly to women. And for a single mother who is supporting her children as well as herself, cheap housing is very important.


Erin, a single mother, was fed up with paying exorbitant rent for a big San Diego apartment. Her aim was to live a quieter, more economical country life with her daughter Paulina (10). She once saw an advertisement for a brand-new Tiny House hamlet that was going up in the mountains not far from the city. Seizing the chance, she signed a long-term lease for one of the village’s Tiny House rentals.


Erin gave up a number of creature conveniences in order to move into a tiny house instead of their big apartment. In order to provide Paulina ample space for her stuffed animals and the vivarium for her pet snake, she downsized and gave Paulina the master loft in their tiny house.

The lower loft, which can only be accessed by ladder, is Erin’s sleeping area. She keeps a few personal items next to her bed and sleeps on a plush chair that unfolds into a cushion the size of a bed. Erin’s favorite area of the house, the balcony, is also crawlable from this single mom’s loft.

On Amazon, Erin also discovered this useful and reasonably priced dining table and chair set. It has wheels and is simple to fold up, giving her and Paulina a place to sit and share meals as a family. They use this multipurpose table set for more than just a workstation; on movie evenings, they place their lap top on top and stream Netflix.

Single Mom Tiny House

Since she doesn’t have a TV, dishwasher, or oven, Erin has had to modify her daily schedule. The ladies have become accustomed to sharing a small closet, and she usually uses an air fryer to cook all of their meals and make coffee.


The mother-daughter pair now travels 45 minutes to go to Paulina’s school and Erin’s employment, but they believe that living in an area rich in nature and community makes all of these sacrifices worthwhile. Erin compared it to gifting a Disney princess castle to any other young girl.

Paulina reports that her school pals are quite envious and that they will be paying her a visit shortly. Since leaving the city, she has started trekking, snowshoeing, and birdwatching. The well-known Pacific Crest Trail is nearby, and she adores the outdoors. Paulina now thinks that when she grows older, she’ll want to live simply in the woods!

“It’s just so awesome!”
TEN-YEAR-OLD PAULINA TALKS about her tiny house life.
Dwelling in a tiny village of houses

Tiny House Pura Vida

The first Tiny House Village in Southern California, “Tiny House Block,” is currently home to four other families, according to Erin.Erin and Paulina rent out tiny houses on a full-time basis, while Tiny House Block provides short-term and full-time rentals of tiny houses. They host potluck dinners and community bonfires, and they plan to add additional events in the future to foster camaraderie among the inhabitants.VISIT “TINY HOUSE BLOCK,” A TINY HOUSE VILLAGE IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA:

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