Cat Keeps Her Kittens Under a Trunk from the Rain Until They are Found and Taken into Warm Home -


Cat Keeps Her Kittens Under a Trunk from the Rain Until They are Found and Taken into Warm Home

A cat kept her kittens under a trunk from the rain until they were found and taken into a warm home.

cat mom kittens

Little Wanderers NYC

A family from the Bronx, New York discovered three kittens born under a trunk in their yard. The cat mother tried to keep them warm and out of the rain, but the weather had been inclement and not safe for newborn babies. The homeowners moved them to a sheltered area and brought food to the mom.

They reached out to Little Wanderers NYC, a volunteer-based animal rescue organization in New York, in hopes of getting the family of four the care they needed to thrive.

“When Lisa, our co-founder, got word, she let me know because I had just finished up fostering a mom and babies, and we had space,” Megan, a foster volunteer, told Love Meow.

stray cat mom

She kept her kittens warm and out of the rainLittle Wanderers NYC

“The family who found them, very generously offered to get them in a carrier and drive them to me. These guys really went above and beyond.”

Megan and her partner, Tyrone, received the feline family yesterday. The mama cat immediately walked out of the carrier and into her new abode. After a tour around the space, she gave her stamp of approval, as she discovered plenty of good food, various amenities, and loving humans welcoming her with open arms.

stray cat kittens

Little Wanderers NYC

The tabby girl approached her people for some much-needed head scritches. “She jumped over the playpen we had set up, and wandered all over our office (aka the foster room). She trusted us immediately,” Megan shared with Love Meow.

“She kept an eye on me when I weighed her three babies but didn’t mind me handling them. They were all at a great weight and looked healthy (no eye issues or runny noses).”

cat mom foster home

Momma cat exploring her new spaceLittle Wanderers NYC

The sweet tabby has done a wonderful job keeping her kittens fed, clean and safe from the elements.

After roaming the streets for quite some time, the momma cat can finally relax in her comfy, warm bed without worrying about where her next meal will come from.

cat cuddles kittens

She is a wonderful mother to her three demanding kittensLittle Wanderers NYC

“Mama loves her babies but clearly has an adventurous spirit and likes to explore the room and hang out with us. Over night she moved the babies to a cardboard box we had set up to keep them safe.”

Watch Mama and her kittens in this video:

The kittens are starting to open their eyes, and kicking their legs in the air like roly-polies, trying to figure out balance. Mama is so content to be indoors and will come out of her nest to greet her foster parents.

cat cuddling kittens

Little Wanderers NYC

“Fostering is so critical to everything rescues try to accomplish, and I wish more people would get involved. We get so many requests for help, and the more fosters there are, the more lives can be saved,” Megan told Love Meow.

“A spare part of a room and a little love can make such a massive difference.”

cat nursing kittens

Little Wanderers NYC

With the help of a kind family and many volunteers, the kittens are already putting on weight and gaining strength, and Mama couldn’t be happier.

cat mom kittens

Little Wanderers NYC

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