“There is a lack of elegance, grooming, and princessliness.” Why Jennifer Lopez’s daughter again ran into criticism from fans. -


“There is a lack of elegance, grooming, and princessliness.” Why Jennifer Lopez’s daughter again ran into criticism from fans.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can be congratulated on their housewarming. They bought a large house in the elite Los Angeles area of ​​Bel Air and began to slowly equip it. But it’s not their huge 10-bedroom, 17-bathroom mansion that fans are more amazed by. Fans are more interested in discussing J.Lo’s heiress from her ex-husband Marc Anthony . Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emma , ​​who previously had no claim to the role of a difficult teenager, has now begun to gain a foothold in this position. In addition, most of Lopez’s fans, at the first glance at the new paparazzi photographs, for some reason think that next to Jennifer is her son Maximilian, and not Emma!

Jennifer Lopez’s daughter Emma has caused heated debate among J.Lo’s fans

Recently, paparazzi spotted Jennifer Lopez and her daughter in a furniture store in California. Apparently, the celebrity was looking for something for her new mansion. But the furniture issue turned out to be not as interesting as the discussions of 14-year-old Emma.

“She doesn’t look like a 14-year-old girl, she looks like a 14-year-old boy ,” “Lacks elegance, grooming, princessliness, if you like. At first I thought it was a son, then I read that it was a daughter,” “A girl should be a girl, and a boy should be a boy. If on the contrary, this is no longer normal”, “In this photo the girl looks like an ugly boy, fact”, “The daughter looks like a 69-year-old granny on the streets of Tel Aviv. Her nose, her stupid hairstyle and the idiotic shape of her glasses did this to her,” “Why do stars’ children always look like they’re in some kind of crisis given their capabilities,” Emma has already been bombarded with comments on the Internet.

Perhaps this reaction is due to the fact that not so long ago, for all her fans, Emma looked like a little girl who loves pink dresses, rainbows and unicorns. But having matured a little, Emma decided to change her style . And people who are accustomed to thinking in stereotypes simply could not calmly accept it. Yes, J.Lo’s daughter used to be a cute child, reminiscent of a soft fluffy kitten that you want to sit in your arms and cuddle. But the girl, as expected, grows up and changes. But the same thing happens to kittens: they grow and learn to let out their claws. So there is essentially nothing surprising in Emma’s reincarnation.

Many fans stood up for Jennifer Lopez’s daughter

Not everyone was so critical of Emma’s appearance. Many expressed the opinion that a teenager is simply looking for himself and dressing the way he feels comfortable at a given time. “At this age, teenagers often dress like this”, “Are jeans and a sweater strictly men’s clothing?”, “You think in stereotypes. Many star kids look like this. This girl just doesn’t fit your beauty standards,” “Teenagers have this style now. They are so comfortable,” “What, should she go to a furniture store with her mom in a Rapunzel dress?” , write users, amazed that others do not mince words when discussing a 14-year-old girl.

Although Jennifer Lopez usually looks feminine, this does not mean that her daughter will copy her mother in everything . JLo, by the way, came to the furniture store in a Zimmermann dress with a bright floral print. The artist completed her look with beige sandals. However, we are sure that such differences in the style of mother and daughter did not prevent them from coping with their business in the store.

JLo and Ben Affleck actively spend time with each other’s children

Jennifer and Ben do not have children together yet. But from previous marriages they have a total of five children : two for JLo and three for Ben. The couple has no problems communicating with each other’s children. Jennifer, for example, willingly spends time with Affleck’s heirs. Recently, together with her lover, she took her son Ben from Jennifer Garner to swimming lessons. We think that in the new mansion the celebrities will become even closer to each other’s offspring. There is enough space for everyone in the house. Just have family gatherings.

It is clear that Jennifer and Ben are trying very hard to make sure that both they and the children feel comfortable spending time together. I would like to praise the couple for not trying to remake the children, giving them room for self-expression and self-discovery, as is the case with Emma.

Do you think it’s normal for a 14-year-old girl to dress the way she’s comfortable? Even if it’s shapeless jeans and sweaters.

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