5 Female Stars In Close-Up Unedited Photos Show The Truth About Aging -


5 Female Stars In Close-Up Unedited Photos Show The Truth About Aging

When we see pictures of celebrities, we often don’t see the real truth. In fact, those pictures are doctored so much that we can’t even tell what is real and what isn’t.

It typically starts with the makeup that goes on before the pictures are taken. This is done by an elite team of individuals who know how to apply makeup to hide what is underneath.

They then edit the pictures after they are taken so it continues to hide the imperfections of the individual. On occasion, however, we see a picture that shows the natural person and it can be interesting. Here are a few to consider.

Jennifer Lopez

Despite the fact that she is known for her beauty and flawless appearance, she also is a regular individual. When we see her, we aren’t often seeing what is really going on behind the scenes.

If you take away the glitz and the glamour, however, you begin to see that there are some wrinkles underneath. These may be hidden in most pictures, but they also give her a beauty that is unique.

Jennifer Aniston

Known for her appearances on the sitcom, Friends, she is also somebody that brings beauty to the table in every photograph. When you look at her flawless skin and beautiful looks, it’s almost as if she stopped aging a long time ago.

Since she looks as if she hasn’t aged in years, it’s nice to know that there are some lines and blemishes underneath. These sometimes show through when the right pictures are taken.

Gwen Stephani

This is somebody who has makeup on so perfectly that it’s almost as if she is flawless. When you see her pictures on Instagram or elsewhere, they are heavily edited to make her look perfect.

As is the case with anyone, she has shown signs of aging and sometimes you get to see it shining through. Her complexion may not be aging horribly, but it does exist when you see it in the right picture

Dolly Parton

If there is somebody who continues to look youthful, despite the fact that she has aged considerably, you are talking about Dolly Parton. She is known for her glamorous look and her timeless beauty.

Then again, there are going to be times when you see the imperfections coming through. These are seen in photographs that allow you to take a closer look at the wrinkles and other parts of the aging process.

Demi Moore

The glowing skin and flawless look of Demi Moore are well known in many of her photographs. She has beautiful, sharp features and it seems as if her complexion is perfect all the time.

Then again, when you see pictures of Demi Moore that allow the wrinkles to shine through, you can tell that she is aging gracefully. She may still be beautiful, but she isn’t perfect.

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