Man, 95% Covered with Tattoos, Claims He Lost His teaching job After Scaring young pupils -


Man, 95% Covered with Tattoos, Claims He Lost His teaching job After Scaring young pupils

Sylvain Helaine, a 35-year-old teacher from Docteur Morere Elementary School in Palaiseau, a suburb of Paris, has recently voiced his dissatisfaction after being reassigned from his kindergarten teaching position due to his distinctive appearance, which includes full-body tattoos and surgically blackened eyes. The concerns were raised by parents of a 3-year-old boy who was not even among his students.

Helaine, who began getting tattoos at the age of 27 during what he described as an existential crisis while teaching in a private school in London, told Reuters that he passionately pursued body art since then, investing about 460 hours in tattoos. “I’m a primary school teacher,” he affirmed. “I love my job.”

Despite his controversial appearance, Helaine stressed that there had been no issues with his teaching. “All of my students and their parents were always cool with me because basically, they knew me,” he said. It’s only from a distance, he suggests, that people “can assume the worst.”

After the complaint, the local education authority decided to move Helaine from teaching kindergarten to older classes, acknowledging that his appearance could frighten younger children. However, Helaine remains dedicated to education, teaching children aged 6 and above.

He hopes his appearance will teach his students valuable lessons about acceptance and tolerance, aiming to inspire them to grow into adults who are “less racist and less homophobic and more open-minded.”

The incident has sparked a broader discussion about acceptance and the impact of a teacher’s appearance on their professional capabilities, with the French Ministry of National Education yet to comment on Helaine’s situation. Helaine continues to advocate for a world where individuals are judged less on their appearance and more on their character and professional abilities.

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