Young Woman Has 27 Procedures To Get The Biggest Lips In The World -


Young Woman Has 27 Procedures To Get The Biggest Lips In The World

It always helps to have a goal in life but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every goal is going to be worth our trouble. That is especially true when we are talking about the goal of being the biggest or the best, as we have a lot of competition.

Sometimes, It’s better to try to be the best on a smaller level, as we may not be able to do so on the biggest level. That is what this woman from Bulgaria is experiencing, and she certainly has gained some attention from the results she achieved.

I think that most of us know somebody who has had some type of cosmetic surgery. They may be enhanced in some way or another through it, whether it is trimming down their belly or making their derriere larger.

For Andrea Ivanov, however, being the biggest was also going to take some cosmetic enhancements, but she focused on one particular area of her body. That is why, at 25 years of age, Andrea is obsessed with having the biggest lips in the world.

When you see a picture of Andrea, you can’t help but notice that her lips are super sized. This isn’t some type of industrial accident, she had a lot of lip injections with hyaluronic acid to achieve that look. She has the goal of having the biggest lips in the world, and she is close to it.

After going through 27 sessions, her lips were four times larger than a normal lip. She said: “I like my lips now, and it is much better than before.”So far, she has spent more than $5,000 to have the lips of her dreams.

Even though she has taken things to the extreme, she still isn’t quite happy with how she looks. Doctors are recommending that she stops, but she wants to keep going. After all, she hasn’t yet made it into the record books.

According to Andrea, many men who follow her on social media are making various offers to her. She is proud of her looks and it is what she has strived for in life.

Andrea would also like to have the biggest cheekbones in the world as well and has had four hyaluronic injections to achieve it. After having those injections, she has to avoid putting a lot of pressure on her face so she heals. It also helps her lips to be larger.

34 different injections have helped her to achieve the look she has today. she feels her lips are beautiful but she still wants to do more. She also says she has some difficulty eating after surgery.

Some doctors think that she has taken it far enough but other doctors are telling her if she waits a couple of months she can have more injections. She realizes there are risks associated with trying to get in the record books this way, but she loves it.

In her estimation, everyone should look the way they want to be. Even if she gets a lot of attention, both good and bad on social media, she feels she is headed in the right direction.

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